The Artwork of
Marco Antonio Aguilar
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The Spirited Collection

  In my never-ending pursuit of personal growth as an artist, I always try to find different subjects to express my appreciation for the Dance of Water and Light.  When I was an art student many years ago, I always held a special fondness for painting still life images.  The process of trying to recreate the texture and shapes of the various objects was very rewarding to me as a painter.  I have tried to put my own spin and energy into these paintings by using dramatic color palettes and lighting effects, as well as, interesting angles.  The Spirited Collection started out as wines but has evolved into other spirits as well. I love the somewhat chaotic poetry of splashing liquid juxtaposed to the refinement of a delicate wine or martini glass. The organic texture of corks also fascinates me and further roots this collection to the Earth and its amazing wealth of natural resources.
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