The Artwork of
Marco Antonio Aguilar
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Splash of Color

One of my favorite things to do is observe the way water reacts to light. I also hold a deep connection with creatures of the sea (no pun intended). As a result, I was trying to come up with some way to combine the two elements.  The creation was Splash of Color. The idea started out as water splashing into the shape of different animals. It has now since evolved into the water patterns morphing into solid animals. The resulting image is part splashing water and aquatic life. The choice to paint them against a black background gives that extra punch and drama that I usually strive for. This project has forced me to look at water in a whole new way, and I find that I am constantly searching for interesting splash patterns. I also find myself spending hours sketching different splash patterns for future projects with my strokes being formless, shapeless - like water.  I keep my mind open and fluid and eventually the shapes reveal themselves. 
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